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Name of God / Yahweh Nissi / Prayer Of Courage / Unisex / Antique Finish / Dog-Tag Style Necklace

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Introducing our handcrafted "Name of God; Yahweh Nissi" pendant necklace. Crafted from molten pewter metal with a beautifully engraved hardwood insert, this pendant is truly a masterpiece. On the front, you'll find the impactful "YHWH Nissi" laser engraved, and on the back, a special prayer of courage: "Yahweh is my banner, my supernatural strength. He prepares me before the way." This powerful prayer serves as a declaration of God's overwhelming presence within you, constantly empowering and preparing you for whatever lies ahead.

YHWH, most commonly pronounced as Yahweh, is not just a name, but the actual name of The Almighty God. It carries a powerful meaning, signifying "He will be." Throughout Scripture, our God is known by various names that reflect different aspects of His personality. One of these names is Yahweh Nissi, which translates to "Yahweh is my banner." When you audibly declare the name Yahweh Nissi, it's as if you are unfurling a banner or flag, sending a clear message to your spiritual adversaries that the army of God is approaching. It's a powerful warning that they must retreat.



  • Crafted from 100% lead free Pewter metal and hardwood with an antique finish.
  • "YHWH Nissi" Laser engraved on the front and a prayer of courage "Yahweh is my banner, my supernatural strength.  He prepares me before the way." on the backside.
  • Unisex design looks great on men & women.
  • Genuine leather string cord with stainless steel lobster clasp.
  • Pendant Size: 1.5" x 1" x 1/8"
  • Choose from 6 necklace sizes: 18", 20", 22", 24", 26" or 28"
  • To clean, use a soft bristle tooth brush that has been dampened with water and gently brush.
  • We proudly make all of our pendants here in the USA.
  • NOTE: Our pendants are made from real wood and might become damaged if submerged in water.
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